When going to the stadium to watch a baseball game, you may think that they came straight from home to play. No. A lot of preparations go on behind the scenes on the life of a professional baseball player.

This is one person who has to take care of his daily chores, run errands, take care of his family- if any- and still create time to attend baseball training sessions. The typical day of a professional baseball player, of course, starts with personal work out activities. For example

  • Table row
  • Lunges
  • Planks
  • Hops
  • Jogging

The exercises focus on all the body parts. It takes about 30 minutes but very intensive to spike the body for a great day ahead. After this, the player heads to the dining room to take a heavy breakfast.

Diet is a crucial component of the physical health of these sportsmen and women. It contains quality protein and carbohydrate to provide the right energy levels for the tough game and exercises ahead.

The fairly consistent protein in the keto diet maintains the balance between the input (food intake) and output (exercises). It’s among the most recommended meals for them. It’s considered a ready to go food option, thanks to its ability to maintain the muscle agility levels. It’s a meal that is not only protein but, a good quality protein with vital nutrients for muscle endurance activities like baseball.

After the heavy breakfast, he has only a few hours to run errands and now focus on baseball activities, depending on if there is a tournament or a competition. In case of a tournament, then the hours are reduced, for they have to report to the venue six hours before time.

After the errand hours, the player grabs lunch, which must be balanced; there is no rule on the type of diet at this time. It’s just something for energy as long as there is a heavy breakfast.

What happens six hours before a game?

Lunch is just a simple energizer. The life of a baseball player starts in the afternoons in any typical day. The nice jerseys they wear when playing a game is for that day. During the training sessions, there are simple light t-shirts and free shorts, especially in the hot afternoons.

During the winter season, the pants and warm t-shirts do the magic, although this is the time they use to go for leave in most of the baseball clubs

The training sessions start with simple stretches, targeted skill practice including pitching, batting, diving play, shag flies, hitters, and outfield skills, among others. Each of them takes at least 30 minutes, depending on what skill set the coach and manager wants the players to learn at that time.

The end of this session includes a game complete with different teams to help coaches plan for what to train the next day based on the performance of the game. They don’t head straight home after this. It’s never about the field sessions; there is also a theory class where coaches highlight exact areas of focus.

 He calls on names, of course, in a friendly way- according to what they feel a player should do. There is also a question and answer forum where players seek clarification on areas of interest. Once everyone is satisfied, it’s time to take some 15 minutes just to sit and relax. Players can interact and leave at their own pleasure.

Schedule during a baseball league

The schedule changes when there is a game or a tournament; the six hours are now eight hours in case they are not in a camp. Within the eight hours, skill practice is emphasized based on the coach training plan. It’s never intensive to give room for the players to have the energy to play.

The last hour is crucial – cool off time. The players play board games, watch video games, or listen to music. It’s a free time for players to psyche themselves for the upcoming game in their own style with no scheduled activities.

It’s a “me” time to allow the brain to focus and only think of the game ahead.

This is a thirty minutes session, for about ten minutes, everything is shut. There is total silence in the room with no movement.

Why has a brain shut down ten minutes to playtime?

In baseball, this time is called a mental plan time. Baseball is a brain game; proper physical and mental health determines the career of a professional baseball player. It’s a crucial moment to allow the brain to focus on the task ahead.

At the end of the game

Who tells you at the end of game players rush home? It’s time the players sit and relax without thinking of anything about a game. The first thing is to take a shower and share a meal together as they catch up on the activities of the day away from the game, it could be the fans, the spectators, including the game.

The coaches avoid discussions concerning the just-ended game. It’s time to have fun; a humorous player takes over the day. Although it’s always a short time since sleep is vital for players, it’s always worth the moment.

When all this is done, it’s always 11 pm. One heads home to catch up with family, watch some TV shows and just go to slumberland. One wakes up rejuvenated and fresh in mind, ready to face yet another day.


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