Though players may get on the baseball-field, the MLB stadiums are likely to be empty due to the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, you want to keep your youngsters away from populated places where they can contract the virus.
Home quarantine has nothing on your kids with these exciting games while they hope to attend the MLB in the coming season;

  1. Memory Game on the Move
    Memory Game on the Move is a quick-paced outdoor activity for kids incorporating some easy sprinting drill beneficial for the body and mind.
    To play this game, help your kids pen down different sequences of five or more digits. Pick nine labeled cones and assemble them in an open space. Ensure there are enough distances between each cone.
    The challenge lies in two players standing at a marked starting point. One would call out while the other would flee. The caller picks a card from the deck and declares the first digit in the sequence. The runner reaches the numbered cone, tags it, and returns to the starting point. The caller then screams the first couple of digits on the card, while the runner would tag both cones orderly and return.
    Afterward, the two players switch positions and proceeds with a different card from the deck.
  2. Crazy Counting
    Crazy counting is an easy game suitable for younger children and adults who aren’t skilled on the trampoline.
    To play this game, tag a player “It” and ensure they shut their eyes or use a blindfold. “It” stays in the center of the trampoline and recites numbers to ten. All players run around, and when “It” screams “ten,” they halt.
    The individual in the center points towards any direction while whoever is there exits the game. The last person standing remains the winner and occupies the “It” position subsequently.
    To have the best trampoline for this fun game, informative “trampoline ratings” will help you find the most efficient one, “even for adults and grown-ups.” Enhancing bonding time with your children, just like in the case of baseball.
  3. Hide and Seek
    It’s common to find parents engaging in hiding and seek with their kids. One of the kids involved in the game identifying as “It” closes their eyes while counting a specific number as the others seize the opportunity to seek refuge to hide. After counting, the search begins.
    Counting may be up to 20, 30, or even 100; it all depends on the players. Also, a player can run to a “home base” and touch it, making them safe; other times, they just pause until the seeker finds them.
  4. Kick the Can
    This outdoor game has several alternative names, including guard the block, pom pom, can up can down, 40 40, kick the block, and tin can copper. Kick the Can is similar to the capture the flag, hide, and seek, and tag games. The game may involve up to several dozen players but as low as three.
    Kick the Can also include a kickable object or an empty can with pebbles kept inside it to spur noise. To play the game, position a can in an open space, which may be the center of a backyard, street, or parking lot. A group of people or an individual identifies as the “It.” The others who aren’t in this group run off to hide as “It” counts to a certain number.
    “It” endeavors to find their hiding to tag them all. Anyone eventually tagged (discovered and touched) must go to jail (holding pen). A player who successfully “tips or kicks the can” unnoticed would earn the other captured players their freedom.
  5. Red Rover
    Known as octopus tag or forcing the city gates, the red rover is played by kids on playgrounds. At least ten players make up the game.
    Players may belong to either the “East or West team; however, it has nothing to do with their actual cardinal points. Each unit is apart from the other by thirty feet, holding their arms or hands together.
    To start the game, either team calls upon a player by singing a short song to that effect. The player called must make way to the other team to sever the chain they’d formed with their hands. If this player fails, they unite with the team they couldn’t break. However, if they do, it’s upon them to pick the bond they broke and take them into their group.
    With these games, awaiting the MLB would be such a fun waiting moment.

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