Ever struggled to catch a Pokémon that just won’t stay in the ball? I’ve been there, and it’s why I’m excited to talk about the Level Ball, a nifty tool that’ll change your catching game.

The Level Ball isn’t your average Pokéball. It’s designed to make snagging those higher-level Pokémon a breeze. Curious about how it works and when to use it? You’re in the right place.

What is a Level Ball?

When delving into the world of Pokémon, understanding the tools at your disposal can give you a significant edge. One such tool, the Level Ball, stands out for its unique functionality. It’s not your run-of-the-mill Pokéball; it’s a specialized device crafted to aid trainers in capturing Pokémon that are at a higher level than their own party members.

So, how does the Level Ball distinguish itself from the multitude of other balls? The answer lies in its catch rate formula. The Level Ball’s effectiveness scales with the level difference between the wild Pokémon and the lead Pokémon in your party. The greater the level gap in your favor, the higher the ball’s catch rate. This mechanic caters specifically to those who have trained their Pokémon to an impressive level and are facing opponents that are also a cut above the usual wild Pokémon.

Additionally, what intrigues many trainers about the Level Ball is its unique design. It has a distinct look, with colors and shapes that are identifiable at a glance. Aesthetics aside, serious trainers know that the Level Ball is more than just a pretty design—it’s a strategic choice for their capturing approach.

Let’s break down the different scenarios wherein the Level Ball shines:

  • Catching Pokémon that have a lower level than your own party: The Level Ball is particularly suitable for these situations, offering an increased catch rate that generally surpasses that of a standard Pokéball.
  • Building a team with a significant level advantage: For trainers who maintain a high-level team, the Level Ball becomes an asset, allowing for quick and efficient captures without the need to whittle down the target Pokémon’s health.

Remember, the Level Ball isn’t always the optimal choice for every encounter. It’s a specialized tool, best used under certain conditions where the level advantage is clear. Trainers well-versed in the nuances of their Pokémon’s levels can leverage the Level Ball to effectively expand their collections, especially when targeting those elusive, higher-level creatures that roam the world of Pokémon.

How Does the Level Ball Work?

Using a Level Ball might seem straightforward, but there’s a bit of math behind the scenes that dictates its success. The formula for the Level Ball’s catch rate multiplier takes into account the levels of the lead Pokémon in my party and the wild Pokémon I’m trying to catch. It’s designed to give me a higher chance of capturing a Pokémon if my Pokémon’s level is significantly higher than the wild one’s.

Here’s how the multiplier works:

  • If my Pokémon’s level is less than double but at least equal to the wild Pokémon’s level, the catch rate is multiplied by 2.
  • If my Pokémon’s level is at least double but less than four times the wild Pokémon’s level, the catch rate is multiplied by 4.
  • If my Pokémon’s level is four times or greater than the wild Pokémon’s level, the catch rate skyrockets to 8 times the normal rate.
My Pokémon’s Level vs. Wild Pokémon’s Level Multiplier
Less than double but at least equal 2x
At least double but less than four times 4x
Four times or more 8x

The benefits of this scaling are evident—by leveling up my Pokémon and maintaining a significant level advantage, I can turn challenging catches into effortless ones. This makes the Level Ball an exceptional choice for grinding in areas with lower-level Pokémon.

I also need to consider the inherent attributes of the Pokémon I’m facing. Some species naturally have lower catch rates regardless of level differences, so while the Level Ball certainly improves my odds, there are cases where it might not be as effective as I’d hope.

When it comes to practical usage, I always strategize by placing a high-level lead in my party before attempting to capture a Pokémon with the Level Ball. It’s all about making sure I have the upper hand in the level equation, turning a potentially tricky situation into a near certainty when it comes to expanding my Pokédex.

Advantages of Using the Level Ball

When I’m strategizing the perfect approach to capturing Pokémon, I can’t overlook the advantages of using the Level Ball. This unique Poké Ball drastically improves catch rates based on the level difference between my lead Pokémon and the wild one I’m targeting. This feature makes the Level Ball an exceptional asset for experienced trainers who have a party of high-level Pokémon.

One of the most notable advantages is that the Level Ball saves time during the catching process. If the Pokémon I’m trying to catch is significantly lower in level than my own, the Level Ball often secures a catch on the first throw. This efficiency is crucial, as it reduces the chances of the wild Pokémon fleeing or beating down my party over an extended battle.

Additionally, the Level Ball is especially beneficial when I’m training or grinding in an area teeming with lower-level Pokémon. Since these Pokémon can often seem like an annoyance once I’ve outstripped their level, the Level Ball turns them into easy catches, transforming a frustrating grind into a productive session for expanding my collection. Here are a few specific benefits to highlight:

  • High Efficiency: Quicker captures mean less wear on my Pokémon and fewer resources spent on healing and restocking other more expensive Poké Balls.
  • Cost-Effective: Given the Level Ball’s effectiveness, I won’t have to invest as heavily in other, more expensive Poké Balls, making it a budget-friendly option for thrifty trainers.
  • Strategic Play: Using the Level Ball encourages me to train a diverse team, assuring I always have a higher-level Pokémon ready to facilitate easier captures.

Moreover, collecting Level Balls through the Apricorn crafting system or winning them as rewards adds an element of resource management to my gameplay, reminding me to always be on the lookout for opportunities to stock up on these precious items. For a trainer like me who enjoys thinking a step ahead, incorporating Level Balls into my strategy not only makes me more effective in the field but also adds depth to my overall gameplay experience.

When to Use the Level Ball

Knowing precisely when to use a Level Ball can be the difference between a frustrating chase or a triumphant capture in your Pokémon adventure. Capture scenarios vary, but I’ve found there are specific moments where a Level Ball isn’t just useful—it’s potentially the best choice in your Pokémon-catching arsenal.

Firstly, I whip out a Level Ball when I’m confronted with a wild Pokémon that’s much lower in level than my own. The math is simple here. The greater the level disparity, the higher the success rate. For trainers grinding in an area with Pokémon far below their team’s level, Level Balls turn what could be a drawn-out process into a breeze.

During vigorous training sessions or when engaging in massive clean-sweeps for shiny Pokémon, having a Level Ball is beneficial. These shiny hunting marathons sometimes involve encountering hundreds, if not thousands, of Pokémon. Efficiency is key, and Level Balls provide that time-saving grace you need when you finally come across that elusive, differently-colored gem.

Another perfect scenario to utilize a Level Ball is when you’re conserving other, more valuable balls for upcoming challenges. Let’s face it, rare encounters like Legendary or Shiny Pokémon warrant the use of more potent, often scarce, Poké Balls. Using a Level Ball on the common or garden variety of Pokémon ensures that I’m stocked up for those rarer, more critical moments.

For Pokémon trainers who specialize in breeding and need to capture a Pokémon with specific natures or abilities, a Level Ball significantly reduces the effort. It’s all about cutting down on the legwork and getting back to breeding faster. I take advantage of the high catch rate to quickly snag what I need and return to the breeding center without unnecessary delays.

Level Balls also shine when you’ve just initiated the game and your Pokémon roster isn’t fully fleshed out. You’ll likely encounter wild Pokémon with lower levels than the existing ones in your team, making the Level Ball an early game boon. Not only do they make those initial captures more likely to succeed, but they also allow you to expand your collection rapidly, setting a solid foundation for the rest of your journey.

Tips for Using the Level Ball Effectively

When out in the wild, maximizing the potential of the Level Ball is crucial for any trainer. I’ve found that keeping a high-level Pokémon at the front of my party is essential. This not only ensures I’m prepared for tough battles but also significantly increases the effectiveness of the Level Ball.

Knowing the math behind the catch rate is also vital. Calculating the level difference prior to a battle can be helpful. If my Pokémon’s level is double or more than that of the wild Pokémon, the Level Ball is four times as effective as a standard Poké Ball. Should my Pokémon be triple the level, that effectiveness soars to an incredible eight times. Ensuring I have a broad range of levels within my team allows me to strategically select the best Pokémon to lead with, making the Level Ball an unparalleled tool in certain scenarios.

Here’s a little strategy I’ve developed: I use the Level Ball when shiny hunting. Shiny Pokémon take a long time to find, and when I finally encounter one, I want the catch to be as smooth as possible. Having a Level Ball at the ready removes the stress from these rare encounters.

Training specific Pokémon for Level Ball usage is another tip. Pokémon with moves like False Swipe are perfect, as these moves can weaken a wild Pokémon without knocking it out. When paired with the Level Ball, this makes capturing low-level Pokémon a breeze, especially beneficial when I’m trying to catch Pokémon for breeding.

Lastly, don’t forget to stock up on Level Balls! You never know when you might stumble upon a Pokémon that’s the perfect candidate for a Level Ball capture. As such, I always visit Poké Marts to ensure I have a sufficient supply.

Remember, the Level Ball isn’t just about the level advantage; it’s about preparing and executing a plan that capitalizes on that advantage. Whether it’s training the right Pokémon or keeping an eye on your inventory, these simple adjustments to your strategy can lead to a masterful use of Level Balls.


I’ve shared the ins and outs of leveraging the Level Ball to its fullest, and I hope you’re now equipped with the knowledge to make your Pokémon catching endeavors more successful. Remember, it’s not just about having the right tools; it’s about knowing when and how to use them. With a high-level Pokémon leading your party and a stash of Level Balls at your disposal, you’re set to dominate the wild Pokémon landscape. So go ahead, train strategically, and make every catch count. The Level Ball isn’t just a symbol of smart gameplay—it’s your ticket to becoming an efficient and savvy Pokémon trainer. Happy hunting!

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