When it comes to baseball gloves, the Wilson A900 series stands out as a go-to choice for players aiming to step up their game. I’ve seen my fair share of gloves, but there’s something special about the A900 that deserves a closer look.

Crafted for performance and durability, the A900 line offers a range of options for infielders, outfielders, and catchers alike. In this article, I’ll dive into what makes these gloves a top pick and how they might just be the game-changer you’re looking for.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, understanding the features and benefits of the Wilson A900 could make all the difference on the field. Stick with me as I unpack the details that set these gloves apart from the competition.

Features of the Wilson A900 Series

When I’m on the field, I understand that having the right gear is critical, and the Wilson A900 series does not disappoint. The series stands out for its Double Palm Construction, a defining feature that provides an extra layer of leather between the outer shell and the palm liner. This not only enhances stability but also offers unrivaled durability in every catch.

But the features don’t stop there. The A900 gloves are constructed with a low-profile heel which makes the glove more flexible, ensuring that no rogue balls slip away—an especially handy characteristic for infielders who need to move quickly.

Here are some key benefits of the Wilson A900 series:

  • British Tan and Black Leather:
    The timeless design gives a sleek classic look. But it’s not just about aesthetics; the leather choice delivers a pro-grade performance, making the glove as durable as it is stylish.
  • Hand-designed patterns:
    Each glove is meticulously crafted, tailored to the demands of the position. Wilson’s expertise in design ensures that whether you’re an infielder, outfielder, or catcher, your glove will conform naturally to your hand movements.
  • Single Break Design:
    This feature promotes easy break-in and a pocket ready for action from day one. It reduces downtime and allows for more efficient play, getting me closer to peak performance faster.

One of my personal favorite aspects of the A900 series is the custom fit they provide. With an adjustable wrist strap, I can ensure the glove fits snugly regardless of my wrist size. It’s a small touch but a crucial one for maintaining control over the game.

For players concerned about longevity and investment, it’s worth noting that A900 gloves are famously long-lasting. That’s something I consider a top priority when selecting my gear.

Investing in a Wilson A900 is an investment in a glove that’s built to last and designed to help elevate my game.

A Closer Look at the A900 Infielder Glove

When I first laid hands on the A900 infielder glove, I was immediately struck by its lightweight feel and flexible design which is essential for infield players who rely on speed and agility. This glove has been tailored to meet the specific needs that come with the territory of playing the infield – lightning-fast catches and rapid ball transfers from glove to hand.

Here’s the breakdown of some key features that set this glove apart:

  • Double Palm Construction: This reinforces the pocket and provides a stable catching surface, allowing infielders to snag sharp line drives confidently.
  • Low-Profile Heel: The heel’s design helps reduce the impact on the hand and increases the glove’s ability to scoop up ground balls effortlessly.
  • Custom Fit: The adjustable wrist strap allows each player to tighten or loosen the glove for a perfect fit, ensuring maximum comfort and hand stability during play.

What’s more, the A900 series brings infielders a glove that’s game-ready from day one. Unlike other gloves that require a long and often frustrating break-in period, the single break design of the A900 infielder glove makes it ready for action straight out the box. This saves valuable time and means that players can perform at their best without the lengthy preparation other gloves might require.

The A900 Infielder Glove combines everything I value in a glove: a great fit, excellent durability, and a professional feel. Field tests and personal experience suggest that this glove could be a game-changer for infielders looking to elevate their game. Whether it’s turning a slick double play or pulling off that tough catch that seemed just out of reach, the A900 series is engineered to make those moments happen more consistently.

Finding the Perfect A900 Outfielder Glove

When you’re playing outfield, having the right glove can make all the difference. The Wilson A900 series offers quality options, but finding the perfect outfielder glove requires focusing on features tailored to the position’s demands. I’ll share the essential factors I look for in an outfielder glove and how the A900 stands out in these areas.

Firstly, I consider the glove size. Outfielders need a larger glove to help with catching fly balls and making those game-saving plays. The A900 comes in sizes ranging from 12 to 12.75 inches, which is within the ideal range for outfield players. The added length provides an extended reach, crucial for snagging those hard-to-reach flies.

Next up is the web design. I prefer gloves with a deep pocket and open web that allow for maximum ball security and visibility. The A900 outfielder models feature a deep, secure pocket and varied web designs to help shield the sun or stadium lights while keeping an eye on the ball.

Durability is non-negotiable. The double palm construction inherent in the A900 series reinforces the pocket and palm, enduring countless catches and long seasons. Additionally, the glove is crafted from European full-grain leather, known for its longevity and ability to maintain shape over time.

Comfort is also pivotal. Adjustable wrist straps in the A900 glove series mean a secure, comfortable fit, reducing the risk of the glove slipping during critical plays. I appreciate the low-profile heel, which reduces weight and provides a more natural feel when fielding.

Choosing the perfect outfielder glove is a personal journey, and with the Wilson A900 series, you’re offered flexibility and durability for peak performance. Whether you’re tracking down line drives or scooping up grounders, this glove has the features essential for the outfield. Remember, the most suitable glove feels like an extension of your hand, and with practice, becomes your reliable partner on the field.

The Best A900 Catcher’s Mitt for Your Game

Selecting the best catcher’s mitt is a critical decision for any serious player. A catcher’s mitt is distinct from other gloves on the field – it’s beefier, heavily padded, and designed to handle the sting of a fast-moving pitch. When I’m behind the plate, I trust the Wilson A900 catcher’s mitt to give me the edge I need.

The A900 catcher’s mitt is built with a Half Moon Web and a wide opening above the wrist, which makes it incredibly forgiving for snagging pitches that might not hit the target dead on. With a robust 34-inch circumference, it offers plenty of surface area to frame pitches and control the game.

Critical Features of the A900 Catcher’s Mitt

  • Full-grain leather construction ensures a durable mitt that will last through seasons of intense play.
  • Double Palm Construction helps maintain the mitt’s shape and provides an additional layer of cushion for my hand.
  • Lower profile heel makes it easier to scoop up those tricky balls in the dirt, giving me quick transition capabilities.

The durability is a standout aspect of the A900 series and the catcher’s mitt is no exception. Crafted from European full-grain leather, the mitt feels game-ready right off the shelf. And as a catcher, I appreciate the adjustable wrist strap that gives me a custom fit, ensuring the mitt feels like an extension of my hand.

For catchers looking to redefine their game, the A900 catcher’s mitt is a worthy investment. Its ability to endure countless games and practices is a testament to its construction and materials.

While the A900 outfielder glove allows players to cover more ground and capture high-flying balls with its larger size and deep pocket, the catcher’s mitt brings a unique set of features pivotal for mastering the art of catching. With a mitt like the A900, I’m equipped to hold down the fort behind the plate.

Why the Wilson A900 is a Game-Changer

When it comes to baseball gear, a top-notch catcher’s mitt is a non-negotiable tool of the trade, and here’s why I’d consider the Wilson A900 series a real game-changer. Built with a deep pocket and a Half Moon Web design, this glove offers exceptional control and secure catching – a must for players who mean business on the field.

What separates the A900 from the pack is its commitment to quality. The full-grain leather isn’t just for show; it endows the mitt with remarkable durability that can withstand the rigors of a tough season. Additionally, the double palm construction adds an extra layer of padding, ensuring that even the fastest pitches can be handled with confidence and poise.

But let’s talk about player comfort because it’s here that the A900 really shines. The glove’s wide opening above the wrist, coupled with the adjustable wrist strap, ensures a snug and comfortable fit for a variety of hand sizes. No one wants a mitt that slips or chafes during those critical moments, and the A900 addresses that with a design that prioritizes the player’s comfort and performance.

Moreover, the lower profile heel not only adds to the overall comfort but also improves the glove’s flexibility – vital for quick reactions and seamless transfers from glove to hand. These elements come together in a way that amplifies a catcher’s performance, making each game not just about defending the plate but doing so with added efficiency and style.

My personal experience with the A900 has shown me that it’s not just another piece of equipment; it’s an integral companion for the catcher who wants to stay at the top of their game. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an aspiring amateur, having a mitt like the A900 can make a substantial difference in how you play and how you enjoy the game.

Remember, the key difference-maker can often be in the tools of the trade. With the Wilson A900, you’re not just getting a glove; you’re investing in a mitt that understands and adapts to the player’s needs.


I’ve experienced firsthand the difference a top-notch mitt can make in your game and the Wilson A900 catcher’s mitt doesn’t disappoint. It’s a game-changer with its robust construction and design features tailored for peak performance behind the plate. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, investing in equipment that enhances your skill set is always a smart move. Trust me the A900 is a mitt that’ll catch not just the ball but also the envy of your teammates and opponents alike. Ready to elevate your game? The A900 catcher’s mitt is the way to go.

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